About Us

New Channel Developments was started by Sheridan Chaffey in 2005, based on over 25 years in the retail trade. Our expertise lies within high street retail, catalogues, supermarkets, TV shopping, and wholesale. We help clients find new sales channels at costs far below the cost of employing someone.


Hi I’m Sheridan and I founded NCD 15 years ago (Gosh, was it that long ago?!) having previously worked in various Managing and Sales & Marketing Director-level roles in several major blue-chip companies.

I love helping the under dog, and when it comes to selling new products and services, they certainly face an uphill battle... which makes the challenge fun.

What's more with over 200 projects under our belt over the years, there is bound to be something we've done that will help the next project make a decent start.

Sheridan Chaffey


We are fans of a database product called Act!, and it's the reason we can do these projects!!!

It's what we use to store over 25,000 records of retail and commercial contacts. Names, job titles, previous correspondence, and a record of all our emails and phone calls.

Not to mention driving eMarketing, phone follow-ups and all opportunities.

It helps us do everything... except make the tea.

We have a proven capability to support clients through sales challenges. Our sales methodology will bring significant benefits in a short timescale.

We provide experienced professional sales agents to pitch on your behalf.