Calling All International Brands Seeking UK Sales…

Calling All International Brands Seeking UK Sales…

We could be your outsourced sales team tackling retail channels here in the UK.

NCD has worked with several International brands in our storied 13 year history… We’ve worked on:

  • Clothing and Giftware from Spain
  • Lingerie from Italy
  • A major multi-national payment processing company
  • Automotive products from France
  • Textiles from India
  • Optical products from Germany
  • Beauty products from USA
  • …and dozens more!

We thoroughly enjoy the challenge of working with significant overseas brands – they often find that we are exactly the resource they are looking for: A low-cost UK team of experienced business-developers with an extensive history of major retail pitch meetings and placements for our clients.

Overseas consumer brands often find NCD are exactly what they are looking for…

Sales is what we do! We’d love to get started on your brand and find your brand the exciting UK retail opportunities it deserves.

So how do we do we find outsourced sales for your brand?

  1. Establish target contacts via online/telephone research and store them in our CRM system
  2. Create uniquely tailored pitch materials and gain initial sign-off with you
  3. Make approaches using said materials and telephone calls
  4. Follow-up
  5. Follow-up some more
  6. Secure pitch meetings with the people you want to see
  7. Accompany you to the meeting or ‘go solo’ as a representative of your business
  8. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!
  9. Achieve a listing with a major retailer?
  10. Ongoing retail account management

What’s more – we can appear to be your UK office giving you much more credibility in the UK market – we’ve gone as far as to dedicate standalone telephone lines and bank accounts for our clients (this tends to be when we have established a great long-term business relationship).

…and all for much less than you might think! Contact us today for a free no-obligation quotation and let us help you win big in the UK!

01562 824799

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