Learn to ‘Speak Buyer’ and Win More Sales

Learn to ‘Speak Buyer’ and Win More Sales

So 2018 has been very good for sales here at the good ship NCD!

We’ve won a lot of new business for our biggest client Batela boasting record trade show sales at February’s Spring Fair and August’s MODA. This is now the fifth consecutive year we have worked with Batela after they approached us looking for sales consultancy and we pulled off a deal with John Lewis.

Speaking of John Lewis – we’ve also pitched to them this year on behalf of another client, as well as Debenhams, Morrisons, HOF, ToolStation, Hafele, TK Maxx and loads more.

Simply put, we are really getting good at ‘speaking buyer’ – we have a real knack to tailoring our communication to pull off the sorts of pitch meetings most small businesses could only dream of.

Speak-o the lingo:

So what does that mean, ‘speak buyer’?  Simply put, it means you need to learn what they want to hear and crucially, what they don’t. Now this may be different from buyer to buyer, but they usually know their categories inside out so don’t:

  • Insult their intelligence – okay, so you have developed a new type of coat hanger? Don’t start by introducing the buyer to what a coat hanger is. They have hung their clothes up for many years, as has everyone else in the world. Don’t give them a run down on the importance of hanging up clothes – they get it.
  • Overload them with features and techie jargon – keep it simple and relatable.
  • Lie – when questioned as to who you are working with, don’t feel you have to knock their socks off with a big name like Harrods… Just be honest, tell them that the product is ready for market and that you thought it would be a good fit for them. Oh and your coat hanger did not inspire Elon Musk to create Tesla, so knock it off.

But do:

  • Keep it semi-casual – these people are indeed, people. Sir and madam are so 1960.  A nice cheery “Hi John” or “Good Afternoon Barbara” will do the trick here.  Don’t overdo it though, these aren’t your mates… yet!
  • Sum up your commercial offering – think like a buyer, what do they want to know? Lead times, payment terms and all the other particulars of the deal are what’s important here and if your offering makes sense and aligns with what they need, it is highly likely they’ll want to see you for a meeting.
  • Include a short piece of sales bumph – a nicely branded PDF or a one page feature sheet are great to attach or promise as a follow-up. This is where you can show off about the numerous features of your coat hanger without fear of patronising
  • Get NCD to do it for you – we are fluent. We will work with you to find the juiciest bits of your offering and will make them the story. Not only that, but we will manage a campaign of sales over a measurable set period with the objective very much in securing high level pitch meetings for you and your products.

In summary, it will take a lot of trial and error, but once you start to realise that what the buyer thinks is important is very different to what is important to you, you’ll be halfway there!

Expedite the trial and error by giving us a call on 01562 824799!

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