Take the Workload out of Marketplace Sales with a Fulfilment Partner

Take the Workload out of Marketplace Sales with a Fulfilment Partner

At New Channel Developments, we work with start-ups through to established business, and multi-national companies. Whether it be helping established businesses, overseas companies, or even start-ups get a foot in the door we can offer help and advice around your B2B sales… And we can proactively put your plan into action and do it for you.

We pride ourselves on our impressive ‘black book’ of major retail contacts and several ancillary service businesses who can benefit your sales strategy.

Your product fulfilled direct to your customers

Start-up clients often ask us about product fulfilment and warehousing arrangements. One of most valued contacts are Pack-It Hereford, who we have been working closely with for ten years, maintaining a good working relationship, with an excellent company.

If you’re looking for help with direct dispatch, on a trade basis, for your website, or even a third-party seller like Amazon, Pack-It are equipped to do this for you. Their, warm and helpful staff will manage order dispatch seamlessly.

Their top reasons to outsource dispatch of goods include:
  1. Reducing staffing costs.
  2. Solving all your e-commerce, inventory management and order and delivery issues, the Pack-IT Group has real-time systems to help with these.
  3. Help tapping into a well-established and reliable distribution network for UK and multinational business.
  4. Extending warehousing capability without incurring the worry and costs of purchasing or letting additional premises.
  5. More time to focus on core business activities.

As well as this, Pack-It is a morally outstanding social enterprise with explicit social and ethical values; creating employment opportunities for those disadvantaged in the labour market, as well taking measures to reduce negative impact on the environment. Check out their website here. http://www.pack-it-hereford.com/index.html

Pack-IT Hereford in action.

New Channel Developments is here to help you succeed and are always happy to offer advice on every level.

Ask us about online marketplaces – we know several of them and can help you logistically with this lucrative channel of sales.


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