B2B Sales Process | It’s not Rocket Science

B2B Sales Process | It’s not Rocket Science

What we do isn’t rocket science.


As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as rocket science, so as a rule, what we do is infinitely harder than rocket science.

There is however, aeronautical/astronautical engineering, but if you’re here looking for that sort of content, i.e. schematics or thermo-nuclear adhesive paste for your Apollo 13 inspired makeshift rocket, I can’t help. Sorry Elon.


Using a much less metaphorical approach to get my message across. I think that what we do is pretty easy. But that’s me and I remember being way too daunted to pick up the phone on my first day some 8 years ago. So dear reader, if this is you… I feel you.

B2B Sales Agents

We’ve been in this game for 14 years, helping everyone from new brands looking for introductory sales opportunities to grow their new venture, right through to established businesses who are looking to develop a new sales channel that they wouldn’t ordinarily have the resource for – hence our name, New Channel Developments (clever, innit).

We start with our enormous database of some 20,000 senior buying contacts for just about every UK retailer, restaurant, hotel group, garden centre, interior designer and so on… If we don’t have them, we use our vast LinkedIn networks to track ’em down.

Tell me about the sales process…

It’s pretty straightforward and it’s second nature to us.

So it goes:

  • Who? – Find your contacts, make sure they’re the right people – plonk them in a CRM if you need to… Not 100% crucial to sell your wares, but a great organisational tool, especially if there is more than one person working on your B2B sales or if you have a bad memory like me.
  • What/ Why/ Where? – This is your initial approach. I’d recommend starting with a pitch email. Speak in terms of your target’s interests, so don’t tell them what ranging your product or enlisting your service will do for you, rather tell them what it can do for them.
  • When? – Follow up. Just keep on following up. If they don’t respond, wait a week and do it again. Leave voicemails, speak to them on the phone and if all else fails send replies to your own emails saying “sorry to chase” you’re not really sorry, you’re just bloody polite and want a response.

It is a numbers game, yes, but don’t take that to mean that you need to go after everyone in the world, focus is important. Instead apply the numbers principle to your follow up game and you’ll give yourself and your brand the edge you deserve.

Being a massive extrovert will also help your chances… What’s that? You can hire a team of massive extroverts to do this for you? For less than half the cost of employing someone? And you don’t have to put up with their bad jokes and caffeine dependence…

Let’s talk:


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