Opening Doors to Huge Sales Opportunities

Opening Doors to Huge Sales Opportunities

New Channel Developments is a specialist sales agency who help our clients to sell their products and services to B2B channels.

Of course, we specialise in retail opportunities but are not limited in selling to this channel. NCD has also helped broker deals on behalf of gift cards, financial services and even tech.

This month in particular has been very good for major retail pitch meetings.

We are visiting Harrods, Ocado and ASOS next week for one of our stationery clients and are looking forward to helping them in front of the buyers!

NCD always encourage our clients to come along with us to the pitch meetings, as they will invariably know more about their brand, its beginnings and will be able to convey a lot of passion for their brand. We call this them the ‘Good Cop’.

NCD on the other hand usually take the ‘Bad Cop’ approach of asking the buyers all about their commercial terms, which – if not brought out into the open, could be a nasty and very expensive surprise for our client.

Of course, we aren’t ‘Bad Cops’, we are simply there to iron out the commercials, as sometimes our clients would not naturally know to ask about things like:

NCD and our client rocking up to a pitch meeting.
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  • Payment Terms
  • Marketing Contribution
  • Settlement Discounts
  • Rebates
  • Delivery

Our clients are happy to pay for our sales agency expertise in getting their products, or services, to market and that is what we intend to uphold, in order to obtain success.

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