A few of our clients projects

Our case studies below demonstrate some of the 200+ clients projects that we have worked on.

They range from Start-ups to major blue chip brands, and include successes with some major high street retailers.


We’ve worked with Batela for over 5 years, it’s a great clothing and gift company!

The brand was new to the UK and as such required full marketing support, which involved social, direct mail, e-marketing, trade shows and direct selling.

We have now opened 200+ accounts with independent retailers, on behalf of Batela. Products have been featured in House of Fraser, John Lewis and other department stores and are featured on online sales channels such as Wayfair and Amazon.

Our latest deal puts 25,000 pieces into TK Maxx stores.

The brand has seen significant percentage growth, year on year!

We are excited to be working from the ground up to launch the lovely range of Chill Pill teas.

We are conducting a full brand- launching exercise, to take this product to the high street. Our work has involved packaging redesign and associated route to market costing, retail approaches and commercial pricing structure.

Discussions with a major west-end department store are in their early stages and we anticipate a good result. Watch this space!


Loxout is an ongoing client of ours, offering an innovative and really useful security product.

We are taking proof of concept and turning it into a marketable product.

We have constructed a consumer website on behalf of the client and advised on marketing channels, including social and google PPC, to reach online communities and have worked with the client to develop an effective, measurable marketing campaign.

We are identifying the target market and making tailored approaches, accompanied by a follow ups, in-order-to engage with buyers.

We have made constructive B2B marketing material and made approaches to potential trade customers. This constitutes a full 360 sales campaign.

We work with a large range of Giftware all with a nautical sea style.

This range is now supplied to over 150 giftware shops all around the UK. We are stocked in Cornwall, Norfolk, Wales, and the north of England, not to mention Scotland also.

Our Agents fully support the Spring Fair at the NEC, and we operate a massive stand, which is now very busy!

We have also built and maintain a consumer website, for which for which we provide full marketing support.


Our mens shirt client, CuffsCollars has a fabulous range of fashion shirts, perfect for the night out.

It’s a very competitive market, where there are some very significant brands, and these are brand new to the market, and it has been our pleasure to get the first placement for them… into Beales department stores!

It’s a great start for them, and one they are excited about.

Cobb BBQ have been in the UK for many years, but only in one major chain store.

It’s a great product, perhaps not the cheapest, but unique in its own way. It suits people camping and travelling, providing a portable BBQ cooking system.

What’s more the client was very particular about their sales channels, not wanting to damage their brand, or upset their main retailer.

As a result of our work they are now in 60 GoOutdoor stores and selling £100k+


Wayfair are one of the very largest competitors to amazon online!

We are delighted to work with Wayfair to the benefit of our clients, doing all of the admin and clerical work to make the online sale function correctly.

We’ve written copy for hundreds of products, organised photos, found keywords and resolved pricing policies, and of course managed stock inventory record keeping.

Its no mean task, but financially a winner for those household products that don’t quite suit the price lowering effect of Amazon.