Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the things we are often asked...

Do you work in a particular sector?

We work with our clients to get their products or services in front of with a wide range of retail sectors including Homewares, Clothing, Technology and Pharmaceutical to name a few.  The most important part of our role in helping you reach a new market is the sales process we use to ensure approaches are made to the right people, and followed up.

Can you help with my sales strategy?

Absolutely..we can help you with putting together a sales strategy, including a review of many sales channels, all helping you identify new potential markets and opportunities.

Why should I use you?

When you want to grow sales or open a new sales channel, it’s vital you’re prepared.  There are so many things to think about from researching markets,  putting together effective marketing material, as well as understanding and the commercial terms you may be presented with.  We bring experience and understanding to ensure a seamless route to market. We have a proven capability to support clients through sales challenges and our sales methodology will bring significant benefits in a short timescale

How long have you been in business?

We have been doing this for over fifteen years.  Our experienced team has a track record of supporting you in whatever route to market you choose.

Can you help with marketing?

We love the marketing part of our job and the right approach is vital.  We will consult with you, and work with your collateral to put together the right approach to reach the right market swiftly and effectively.


What other services do you offer?

Pitching products and services to major retail became our niche some ten years ago but our services also include marketing campaigns, direct mail, trade shows, produce copy for social media and offer advice surrounding Google AdWord campaigns and Google-Shopping, social media marketing, remarketing and SEO.

Will you go to meetings for me?

We are more than happy to go to pitch meetings with buyers on your behalf or with you….to suit you entirely.  We charge no extra cost for this.

Our speciality is in meeting and handling buyers from the really big businesses, and the smaller ones.

Are there any sectors you won’t work with?

We do not accept submissions from gambling, tobacco, SAAS or advertising businesses.